3 settembre 2010

The Session #43 - Welcoming The New Kids

Uh? What's a session?
Briefly, a monthly collaboration of beer bloggers, giving their own perspective on a single theme (infos, how to participate and whatsoever can be found here). Yes, I know this blog is supposed to be speaking Italian, mainly because it doesn't feel that confident about English: but hey, committing once a month to the cause is definitely not too much. Hence I encourage any other Italian blogger to do so - come on and let's play our part!
This month, The Session was hosted by The Beer Babe, and the theme is "Welcoming The New Kids".


Well, as referred to Italy, almost every brewery could be a called a "new kid": the craft beer movement started just 15 years ago, so today it's exactly mid-adolescence if you count. Could be difficult choosing just one among all to speak about, but today it's not, as there's someone that despite being opened since early 2010 is already doing things slightly different from the others. You know what? They're not Italian: well, the head brewer he is, and the brewhouse is located in Switzerland even if it's Italian-speaking Switzerland, just 20 minutes away from my house. Oh, nevermind!
Please welcome, Bad Attitude Craft Beer.

Let's begin from the end: they can. They put beer, craft beer, in a can. Which might be a common thing if you're reading from the US, but here feels closer to a revolution.
They believe beer has responsibility for both the Earth and atmosphere, and everybody knows how bottles do pollute much more than cans, don't you? They're also firmly convinced that beer deserves its original, almost forgot status: an everyday/everyhour drink, quaffable, cheap - maybe the latter above all. So they're packing this beautifully young, in-your-face branded cans, ready to conquer Italy, probably much more.
The mind is Lorenzo Bottoni (supergeeks could remind him guiding the tiny Piccolo Birrificio in western Liguria 'til one year ago), helped by a well trained four-people team. At the moment they sell three beers: Bootlegger, a floral, spicy and dry california common; Hobo, a fruity, caramel-ish and citrusy rye-IPA; Two Penny, an old-style, super-bitter porter. Many more will follow. Given that, they're extremely friendly with web and social networks: you can follow them quite everywhere on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Flickr, Tumblr, Vimeo.
There's only one thing left to do: try your best to get your hands on these beers, enjoy them straight from the can, perhaps while listening to dirty, bluesy stuff. And for once let me say: support (one of my) local breweries!

2 commenti:

Greg ha detto...

Thanks for taking part in the Session; I for one really appreciate your efforts in a non-native language. It's really cool for us Americans to see how craft beer is unfolding in other countries. And in cans, too!

Leo ha detto...

Cheers, Greg! I'll make my best to bring as many other italian bloggers as I can to do the same: that's one of my goals for "the session" project.